Collection: Salon Neon Signs

Looking for the ideal Salon Neon Sign that is both cost effective, long lasting and durable? Browse our wide LED Neon Sign range for ideas, to help you decide you can filter your choices by a specific room or by a specific colour that fits your mood.

Maybe you are looking to create the perfect wall art for a specific occasion at home, or for some distinctive Neon Signs for your home bar, or just for some Neon Lights to brighten up a space? We have a wide variety of Neon Signs to choose from that can fit just about any setting in your home

Can't find the Salon Neon Sign you had in mind?

Though we have a wide selection of Neon Lights we appreciate you may have a specific design in mind. Don't despair, with our Custom Neon Sign service you have complete control of the colour, fonts and backing to create a Neon Sign that is completely unique.